We at Second Advent Herald are blessed to partner with you in sharing God’s command to spread this last day message both at home and around the world.  Our goal is to bring souls to the knowledge of the truth of Jesus and hasten the return of our beloved creator and Redeemer.  With your support we strive to honor God and join with you in finishing His work.  (Rev. 22:20)  Our King is coming and we have a last day message to share.  


Dean Ferrell

Dean Ferrell


From divorced parents and a “non Christian” up upbringing, I always had a sense of something missing. Mom overcompensated with permissiveness, allowing me at age 13 to experiment with hard drugs and troubled girls at home. “Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll” were the motto as life spun increasingly out of control. What started as an escape, became enslavement in spiritual darkness and nearly 20 years of IV drug addiction, crime and empty relationships. While many friends I grew up with,  landed in graves, I was spared and landed in prison. It was there, God began getting my attention, lighting my way to life and freedom in His Word. Now I know what was missing, and want to share with others, the way to know Him, freedom and eternal life.

Pastor Dean Ferrell of “Second Advent Herald Ministries” is Speaker/Director/Editor.

Dean Ferrell, has worked in various aspects of ministry (Prison, Printing/Publishing, Mission worker since 1995). Graduated from Mission College, becoming a Bible Instructor in 1998. Married to his wife Blanca Ferrell in 1999, both entered denominational Bible Instructor/ Evangelism, in Virginia and missions to the Philippines. After attending Amazing Facts college, in 2005, he became Lay Pastoral of same Virginia congregation till May, 2008. From 2009 till the present, Dean and Blanca Ferrell have continued to serve in areas of Health and Missions (building & operating a Philippine Mission Center/Clinic and adjoining Church), and working in denominational and self supporting capacities since returning, assisting and leading in standard and home churches. Now, they are in a new work in God’s remnant Church with “Second Advent Herald Ministries.”

Qualifications – Education – Experience:

Qualifications: I come to the ministry as Peter, James, John and others were set apart for ministry. Not by a seminary, by the call and Spirit of the Lord who changed their vocation from fishermen to “fishers of men.” The same Lord Jesus Christ called me as He does you, to receive Him, know Him and His power to be a child of God. This is true Higher Learning. As we receive Him, we walk in Him and gather others to Him. He does not call the qualified, He qualifies who He calls. Institutions of learning often times point to or away from this experience.

Blanca Ferrell

Blanca Ferrell

Missions Coordinator/ Prayer Partner

Blanca was born and raised in New York.  However, by age 14 the family moved to Florida where they finally made it their home.  She went to Forest Lake Academy and on to Southern Missionary College.  With trials and disappointments she was almost tempted to give up on God, but she realized that He was her only source of strength.  “Because He Lives I can face tomorrow” was the song she kept in her heart.  Working at Florida Hospital was fine…it was a job, but she wanted something more fulfilling.  While engaged to be married to Dean a real job offer came.  A church in Virginia with the Potomac Conference wanted a Bible worker couple.  This is what they decided to take on.  They never looked back.  Later on, they were hired to pastor that same church.  Soon she developed her skills at being a pastor’s wife.  She was always by Dean’s side in nearly all the visits he made.  A lot of listening was done for her church family and also much prayer. Her burden is to connect people back to God by sharing her treasury of Bible Promises.  She also enjoys natural remedies and assisting with ministry projects.