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I’m 53 and remember a time when it was “NEWS” to hear of a relative or neighbor being diagnosed with Cancer, Diabetes, heart disease or having to be drugged because of a mental disorder. Today it’s almost sensational news to hear a household has escaped these things. Why have these things increased so wildly?

The Bible says in Proverbs 26:2 “As the bird by wandering, as the swallow by flying, so the curse causeless shall not come.” I’ve also heard; “if you would find the cure, first seek the cause.” Sure, some disease is genetic, but truth be known (and honest science is proving), bad lifestyles are handed down and get worse as they go. Degenerative disease and early death is becoming a “Family Tradition.”

We are eating more processed foods, stripped of nutrients to increase shelf life, profit and to put in other products. Few among us study or put effort to be sure what we eat or feed our families is fresh or healthy, while others have put forth more effort to be sure what we eat is chemically treated, and or genetically modified to be sure it kills pests and germs, though doctors and pharmaceutical companies find they are making a killing too.

Saddest as this is, if we were not handed down an unhealthy life that is disconnected from its Source, we work ourselves a good portion of that life, to pay taxes for public education that is geared to make us reject our Creator, our source of life, health, peace and a sound mind.

Okay, with all that, we will be adding Restorative and Preventative Health messages and tips from MD’s and Natural Healing practitioners to our upcoming Newsletters Magazines and video department.  But I can share my own experience with NEWSTART type methods, to encourage you as well, regarding how God can restore if we cooperate with Him.

Through my many years of daily Alcohol use, combined with Psychedelic,  Pharmaceutical drugs, as well as Heroin, Cocaine and ending with several years of Meth  injection, I have overdosed several times, doing severe damage to every organ, not excluding my brain. One such overdose paralyzed me, forming blood clots and shutting down my kidneys, requiring surgery and dialysis. Massive and continuous doses of Meth damaged my heart and liver, keeping me often in a paranoid, delusionary state. I can’t, won’t list all the symptoms that stayed with me in this condition.

When I accepted God’s Deliverance from that life, He gave me power to give up alcohol, and Meth to start, and in about a month, Tobacco and caffeine. I felt better, (mainly freedom from guilt), then in a few more weeks, I arrived at a ministry called HOPE International, in Washington, where Ron Spear and the staff there, helped me become a complete Vegetarian from Day One. In less than a month, with herbs, prayer and faith, every symptom of Heart, Liver, Lung and Kidney damage were gone. Cloudy thinking disappeared and I was able to read again, and put to useful memory a great deal of what I studied. I gained in weight, in physical strength as well as mental and emotional healing. Through this process with God, he made me a new man. He gave me a NEWSTART.









A conservative estimate in the cattle industry was 75 to 80% of meat and dairy herds are infected with Bovine Leukemia, Bovine Immunodeficiency virus, and other diseases too numerous to list here. They are also loaded down with drugs to keep them alive long enough to market. Discussing Chicken and Fish diseases and toxins would make you sicker.