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The 1st Step (In the Path of the Just)


Righteousness by Faith (Christ our Righteousness). Discovering and dealing with what has stood in the way receiving Christ and His Righteousness. How this truth has been resisted from Jesus’ time, to 1888 and through to now (except by a few).

Righteous by Faith & the 3 Angels Message


Righteousness by Faith (Christ our Righteousness). Reintroduces the message from God to prepare us for sealing and to cooperate with God to (Romans 9:28) make a short work of righteousness, share the Revelation 18:1-4 Loud Cry and stand through the time of trouble.

Mystic Babylon – Mother of Inventions Part 1


Modes of Media & modern channeling – inventions and intentions. With the idea that our spirituality (who or what we worship), is carried into all we do, we investigate the origins of inventions most of us use every day to communicate and to entertain. Is it possible that the Spiritualist Inventors have shared advancements in […]

Sounds of War


A Biblical Study into Music and Worship. How it can not be “Morally Neutral” and how music plays into the war for your soul, between Christ and Satan. Based on Scripture, societal effects, observable Negro-Physiological and biochemical science and Spirit of Prophecy. Opinions based on culture or personal preference of any musical style are excluded.

Dumb Dogs & Guilty Preachers


Based on Isaiah 56:10-12. Uncovers the effect of blind watchmen, false gospels and peace & safety messages within God’s church. As Achan brought in that which removed God’s blessing, we need discernment to root our own sin and the accursed things from the camp. A call to decisive action.